Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
LAWSON AND FOUR MORE - back for more - it came from memphis (birdman)
BLUES MAGOOS - i am wrong and you are right - kaleidescopic compendium (mercury)
LIMES - in a tree - tarantula (goner)

*BEETS - preso voy - let the poison out (hardly art)
BLOODSHOT BILL - crazy 'bout the girl - thunder and lightning (norton)
BIG BAD JOHNS - smokin' joe - i will be a good boy (feralette)
DEADLY SNAKES - ship ahoy - i'm not your soldier anymore (in the red)

RASPBERRIES - hard to get over a heartbreak - collectors series (capitol)
*BEACH BOYS - heroes and villains - smile sessions (capitol)
THEE OH SEES - block of ice - the master's bedroom is worth spending a night in (in the red)
CHRISTINE DELAROCHE - des tigres et des minets - swimging mademoiselles

*BLUE VAN - beg like a dog - love shot (iceberg)
TURTLES - outside chance - nuggets box (rhino)
ANJALI - seven x eight - the world of lady a (wiija)
MAJORETTES - lets do the kangaroo - girls in the garage, vol 5 (romulan)

FLAMENCO A GOGO - make me stinked - fully fed freaks
DOWNBEAT 5 - dum dum ditty - demo
KIM FOWLEY - what if boys got pregnant - outlaw superman (dionysus)
*GIRLS - honey bunny - father son holy ghost

YEAH YEAH YEAHS - bang - ep
SHOCKING BLUE - send me a postcard - 20 greatest hits
THE GO - suzy don't leave - whatcha doin (sub pop)
UV RACE - the uv know - s/t

*GOSPEL MUSIC - this town doesn't have enough bars for the both of us - how to get to heaven from jacksonville, florida (kill rock stars)
TELEVISION PERSONALITIES - the prettiest girl in the world - yes but is it art
EMMITT RHODES - really wanted you - mirror (abc)
EXPLODING HEARTS - we don't have to worry anymore

BO-KEYS - just chillin - got to get back