Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
JESUS LIZARD - glamourous - show
GOODIES - wild thing - you are awful, but we love you (sequel)
THEE HEADCOATEES - my boyfriend's learning karate - sisters of suave (damaged goods)

*BLACK HOLLIES - hamilton park ballerina - casting shadows (ernest jennings)
MONKEES - saturday's child - meet the monkees (colgems)
THE GO - it might be bad - whatcha doin' (sub pop)
KILOPOP - kiss r'n'r goodbye - un petit gouter (future fossil)

*TIMES NEW VIKING - faces on fire - rip it off (matador)
GENE PITNEY - there's no livin' without your lovin' - big sixteen, volume 3 (musicor)
WE THE PEOPLE - living in the past - i turned into a helium balloon
*DENGUE FEVER - clipped wings - venus of earth (m80)

*DUKE SPIRIT - the step and the walk - neptune (shangri-la)
*KILLS - what new york used to be - midnight boom (domino)
OS MUTANTES - panis et circenses - world psycehdelic classics
MESSER CHUPS - inferno image - hyena safari (aerocccp)

*DIRTBOMBS - i hear the sirens - we have you surrounded (in the red)
MAURICE WILLIAMS & THE ZODIACS - do i - the best of (collectables)
CYNICS - yeah! - cynicism (1+2)
VIPERS - nothing from today - battle of the garages (voxx)

RICKY WAYNE & THE FLEERAKERS - chick-a-roo - its' hard to believe it (razor & tie)
*FLAT DUO JETS - mexicali baby - two headed cow (chicken ranch)
GLEN CAMPBELL - greenback dollar - where the action is (design)
JUNIOR BROWN - gotta get up every morning - semi crazy (curb)

FUDGE GUN - lie down - behind closed doors
RAUNCH HANDS - i'd rather go to jail - payday (crypt)
SONNY RAYE - whip it on me - shakin' fit (candy)
HEXXERS - i take what i want - freaks with the savage beat

BLUE CHEER - out of focus - vincebus eruptum
*DEAD MEADOW - between me and the ground - old growth (matador)
COFFIN DAGGERS - interstellar overdrive - s/t

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
STRANGLERS - sometimes - rattus norvigicus (a&m)
MESSER CHUPS - devil out of fashion - hyena safari (aerocccp)
GIBSON BROTHERS - road runner - the man who loved couch dancing (homestead)

GHETTO WAYS - the na na - solid brown (alien snatch)
HYLO BROWN - look at that rain - diesel smoke & dangerous curves (starday)
WILLIE MITCHELL - 20-75 - the history of hi records (mca)
THEE HEADCOATEES - you'll never do it baby - ballad of the insolent pup (vinyl japan)

*BLACK HOLLIES - paisley pattern ground - casting shadow (ernest jenning)
RUTH BROWN - 5-10-15 hours - history of rhythm & blues (atlantic)
BARRY & THE REMAINS - why do i cry
PRISONERS - maybe i was wrong - a taste of pink

*DIRTBOMBS - fire in the western world - we have you surrounded (in the red)
PULSES - be very scared - little brothers (dirtnap)
KINKS - picture book - to the bone
SUNS OF IVY - schedule book

HELLS - do what i should - s/t (art rocker)
HAUNTED GEORGE - howlin' - panther howl (hook or crook)
HUNGER! - colors - s/t (void)
KING KHAN & THE SHRINES - 69 faces of love - what is?! (hazlewood)

*ELF POWER - paralyzed - in a cave (rykodisc)
LEE HAZLEWOOD - stone lost child - requiem for an almost lady (smells like)
FOUR CORNERS - don't you wanna hear me - say youre a scream (kindercore)
ROSS JOHNSON - last date - make it stop (goner)

*FLAT DUO JETS - mary ann - two headed cow (chicken ranch)
SPACEMEN 3 - mary anne - sound of confusion (taang)
THE WHO - marianne with the shaky hands - the who sell out (track)
YOLANDA - don't tell me not to love you - joe meek's girls
HAPPY FLOWERS - left behind - too many mittens

*RAVEONETTES - lust - lust lust lust
*MAGNETiC FIELDS - three-way - distortion (nonesuch)
MEKONS - memphis egypt - rock n roll

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
MESSER CHUPS - night of open coffins - hyena safari (aerocccp)
JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - son of sam - back to the crypt
JAY REATARD - not a substitute - blood visions (in the red)

PAGANS - what's this shit called love - everybody hates you (crypt)
5678'S - ah so - can't help it (rockville)
RALPH SMEDLEY - drown - real gone garbage (romulan)
IRVING GLUCK COMBO - irving gluck twist - real gone garbage (romulan)
VICTIMS - buy your love - real wild child (golden disc)

GORIES - he's doing it - outta here (crypt)
*DIRTBOMBS - indivisible - we have surrou8nded (in the red)
PAYBACKS - when i'm gone - harder and harder (get hip)
THEE HEADCOATEES - ballad of the insolent pup - ballad of the insolent pup (vinyl japan)

*PRIDE TIGER - white witch woman blues - lucky ones (caroline)
PRIMITIVES - spacehead - lovely (rca)
PERSEPHONES BEES - on the earth - notes from the underworld (spoonful)
SUNS OF IVY - ladies & tramps

*DENGUE FEVER - integration - venus of earth (m80)
JOHN OTWAY - body talk - deep thoughts (stiff)
THE WHO - odorono - the who sell out (track)
GIBSON BROTHERS - shake your hips - the man who loved couch dancing (homestead)

*TEENAGE PRAYERS - i like it - everyone thinks you're the best (red)
VIOLENT FEMMES - o blister, where art thou? - s/t (slash)
ROSS JOHNSON & ALEX CHILTON - baron of love, pt 2 - make it stop : the most of ross johnson (goner)

*PRINCE FATTY - meltdown - survival of the fattest (rasa)
THE SCAVENGERS - zip code - bug out 1 (candy)
EDDIE COCHRAN - drive-in show - the mighty fine looking hits of eddie cochran
FRIENDS OF TOM - east coast women - chill out (quickstar)

DETONATIONS - feel it - static vision (alive)
STOOGES - louie louie - metallic ko (skydog)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
ROSS JOHNSON - theme from a summer place - make it stop (goner)
DAN MELCHIOR'S BROKE REVUE - first day i met you - oldtime-futureshock (milou)
MC5 - baby won't ya - high time (atlantic)
DAVE CLARK FIVE - can't you see that she's mine - return! (epic)
DAVE CLARK FIVE - i need you, i love you - return!

ok, i wasn't exactly able to keep a precise playlist this week... we brought in reading, PA mod pop band SONS OF IVY for a sit down and played tracks from their upcoming full lengther, somebody's everybody including ladies & tramps, the beginning, schedule book, and let it go