Wednesday, May 25, 2005

i made heavy usage of the allentown anglophile cd this week, which, according to bill at the CD center, admits me to the old fart club... i enjoy anglophile a lot, even the bad/wimpy tracks i can learn something from... the kings ransom were thee shyte, fabtastic use of the twelve stringer on their underepresented four tracks, dooley invention is entertainingly overwrought in that vanilla fudge heavy-emo-psych headshifting style

and if the eyeball skeleton instrumental i played is a cover of something, please fill me in... it had that familiar familiarity to it

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
PENETRATORS - teenage lifestyle - kings of basement rock (fred)
IKE & TINA TURNER - annie had a baby - let me touch your mind (ua)
REPERCUSSIONS - it's in the bag - modern sounds (esche)

KINGS RANSOM - without you - allentown anglophile (distortions)
ORIGINAL SINS - coca-cola (sweet) - self destruct (psonik)
SHORTWAVES - riptide blonde -

THEE HEACOATS - pokerhuntus - heavens to murgatroyd (sub pop)
SHANGRI-LA'S - right now and not later
NEKO CASE & HER BOYFRIENDS - set out running - furnace room lullabies (bloodshot)

*GITO GITO HUSTLER - ambition - gito gito galore (gearhead)
*THE CHARMS - come back baby - pussycat (red car)
BOSS MARTIANS - walk away - the set-up (musick)
*COLONEL KNOWLEDGE & THE LICKITY SPLITS - someday there will come a time - fall in love all over again... (alive)

DOOLEY INVENTION - no time - allentown anglophile (distortions)
ST. JOHN'S ALLIANCE - mark my word - 7" (alliance music)
SHILLINGS - i'll get to you - allentown anglophile (distortions)
DOOLEY INVENTION - crimson afternoon - allentown anglophile (distortions)
BLEU GRASS - what i know - allentown anglophile (distortions)
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN - bye bye baby - 1000 shadows (dionysus)

*EYEBALL SKELETON - redfish - #1 (my pal god)
UNDERTONES - hypnotised - hypnotised (sire)
WILDEBEESTS - just like me - 7" (sftri)
TSOL - blow by blow - starngelove (enigma)

THE OUTSIDERS - summertime blues - back from the grave (crypt0
KINGSMEN - long green - volume 3 (wand)
THE UBANGIS - lovesick - 7" (get hip)
SWAMP ZOMBIES - creeps - 7" (doctor dream)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

excuse me for no playlist last week, it was a four-hour endurance test for both myself and listener alike, it's very hard to keep the rock 'n' roll thang going in that time, if you really need to know anything i played last week, drop da line

going in this week : five minutes late, no shower, pissed off as all hay-ell, purrfect atmosphere for the r'n'r, a really good show... lil' stevie bon-bon called to ask if "rest stop romeo" was by pansy division, haha good call!

60's toy gun commercials courtesy big bertha, BLAAM!

DAVE BARTHOLOMEW - the monkey - monkey fever
DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
SONIC YOUTH - ca palne pour moi - freedom of choice (caroline)
THE DAMNED - machine gun etiquette - machine gun etiquette (emergo)
NEW BOMB TURKS - long gone sister - cheapo crypt sampler (crypt)
TEENGENERATE - get me back - cheapo crypt sampler (crypt)
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS - because just because - cheapo crypt sampler (crypt)

*THE PLATFORMS - fly - kicked off (ankle injury)
THE BEGUILED - screaming rummy - cheapo crypt sampler (crypt)
*THE CHARMS - gimme that shot - pussycat (red car)
REACH AROUND RODEO CLOWNS - the road to hell - whip it out (llist)

*OLD HAUNTS - walk through the woods - follow field (kill rock stars)
BLEED - she's all mine - motor psycho (musick)
MAD DADDYS - king of the wild frontier - age of asparagus

*CATS & JAMMERS - spitball - propose toast
BILLY JOE WINGHEAD - rest stop romeo - precious moments with billy joe winghead (rafr)
DAN MELCHIOR'S BROKE REVUE - you don't deserve me
*GITO GITO HUSTLER - muscle body ecstasy - gito gito galore (gearhead)

*COLONEL KNOWLEDGE & THE LICKITY SPLITS - fallin' off the depths - fall in love all over again (alive)
*HOWLING DIABLOS - broke down - car wash (alive)
THE MUMMIES - gonna kill my baby tonight - death by unga bunga (estrus)

MIDNIGHT PLOWBOYS - black silk stockings
BUZZCOCKS - mad mad judy - a different kind of tension (restless retro)
25 SUAVES - allbacks - s/t (bulb)

"DEMONS" - i'll make you sorry - demonology (gearhead)
FETCHIN' BONES - stray - galaxy 500 (capitol)
FIFTH DIMENSION - sunshine of your love - age of aquarius (soul city)
*EYEBALL SKELETON - cyclopse girl - #1 (my pal god)