Tuesday, December 27, 2005

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
DISMEMBERMENT PLAN - the ice of boston - the dismemberment plan is terrified (desoto)
THE WATTS 103RD STREET RHYTHM BAND - must be your thing - in the jungle, babe (wb)

MHZ - upgrade me - harness the power (demolition derby)
BOB LOG III - clap your tits - trike (fat possum)
LAMPS - 2 left legs - s/t (in the red)
LITTLE KILLERS - spider - s/t (crypt)

DEVIL DOGS - rock city usa - no requests tonight (sftri)
ANDY G & THE ROLLER KINGS - summertime girls
DRAGS - explosives
BLACK FLAG - jealous again - (sst)

WILD BILLY CHILDISH & THE BUFF MEDWAYS - misty water -steady the buffs
A-LINES - nice - you can touch (sftri)
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - fish fight - s/t (goner)
DM BOB & THE DEFICITS - meanstreak - bad with wimmen (crypt)

BLACK MIDGET - new shoes - we're huge in japan (up yours)
GIRL TROUBLE - prison betty - thrillsphere (pop llama)
JUNIOR BROWN - gotta get up every morning - semi-crazy (curb)
ROYAL PENDELTONS - those lonely, lonely nights - oh yeah, baby (sftri)

*COMET GAIN - the fists in the pocket - city of fallen leaves (kill rock stars)
BRISTOLS - for you
MITCH RYDER - takin' all i can get - all mitch ryder hits! (bell)
*BOMBSHELLS - down at the bar - audio wasteland

DICTATORS - master race rock - dictators go girl crazy (epic)
*CRIMSON SWEET - boulevard - eat the night (shake it)
SUICIDE - ghost rider - s/t (mute)

SAINTS - one way street - i'm stranded (sire)
REAL KIDS - make it go away - down to you (tko)
BUZZCOCKS - running free - many parts (restless retro)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

MARK KENNIS - heart of the heartland - songs in the key of z (gammon)
DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
BILLY JOE WINGHEAD - komanawannaleia - precious moments with billy joe winghead (rafr)
NECKBONES - vicelord - the lights are getting dim (fat possum)

SONICS - don't believe in christmas - here are the sonics (norton)
SONICS - santa claus - here are the sonics (norton)
SONICS - village idiot - here are the sonics (norton)
BOBBYTEENS - rock and roll show - 100% apeshit sampler (estrus)
TH' LOSIN STREAKS - it's my pride - sounds of violence (slovenly)

LAMPS - bertha wall - s/t (in the red)
HOSPITALS - airplanes three - i've visted the land of jocks and jazz (load)
DARLENE LOVE - marshmallow world - a christmas gift for you (abkco)
GOSSIP - fire/sign - movement (kill rock stars)

PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS - louie go home - greatest hits (epic)
KINGS RANSOM - without you - allentown anglophile (distortions)
MORTALS - the one - bulletproof (estrus)
ORIGINAL SINS - bethlehem/shopping trip to mercury - live music from a dead campus (wfmu)
LENNY KAYE - i wish it could be christmas - alive christams (deko)

NEANDERTHALS - do the pig - stone age family (sundazed)
PENETRATORS - it's my life - kings of basement rock (fred)
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - bimbo's theme - s/t (goner)

*CRIMSON SWEET - blood transfusion - eat the night (shake it)
LEATHER UPPERS - senorita - ok, don't say hi (pantsuit city)
PISSED JEANS - i'm sick - shallow (parts unknown)

VENDETTAS – kiss yourself goodbye – s/t (360 twist)
WHISKEY & CO. – barroom women – plaza (no idea)
BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD – go & say goodbye – retrospective (atco)
*SILVER JEWS – how can I love you if you won’t lie down – tangelwood numbers (drag city)

GREENHORNES – three faint calls – dual mono (telstar)
FIFTH DIMENSION – dontcha hear me callin’ to ya – age of aquarius
*TSU SHI MA MI RE – fish cakes – pregnant fantasy (benten)

PORK GUYS – rudolph burger, hold the nose – tarquin records all-star holiday extravaganza

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
DETONATIONS - ray man - static vision (alive)
BUNKER HILL - little red riding hood -
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - hold me tight - s/t (goner)

POP RIVETS - beatle boots - greatest hits (damaged goods)
THEE HEADCOATEES - santa claus - sisters of suave (damaged goods)
A-BONES - shanty tramp - daddy wants a cold beer (norton)
ORIGINAL SINS - crazy - turn you on (bedlam)

PISSED JEANS - boring girls - shallow (parts unknown)
LOS BRAVOS - bye bye baby
M-80'S - my hands are tied - in a fury (get hip)
*INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY - let's make history - armed love (american)

GIBSON BROTHERS - road runner - the man who loved couch dancing (homestead)
SCOTT BEDFORD FOUR - gonna get her - absolutely allentown
AGENT ORANGE - bloodstains
HI-FI GUYS - rock 'n' roll killed my mother - god less america

*THE TEETH - oh, bessie - carry the wood (park the van)
A-LINES - can't explain - you can touch (sftri)
PHILISTINES, JR. - santa was seen flying through soviet airspace - tarquin records all-star holiday extravaganza (tarquin)
IGOR & THE MANIACS - the big green - wavy gravy (beware)
*THE TEETH - i love you - carry the wood (park the van)
*GRIS GRIS - down with jesus - for the season (birdman)

BIG STAR - jesus christ - third/sister lovers (rykodisc)
APRIL MARCH & LOS CINCOS - some things just stick in your mind
GENTLEMAN JUNE GARNER - it's gonna rain
GARY U.S. BONDS - i wanna holler

B-MOVIE RATS - teenage queen - killer woman (dead beat)
FRENCHY - white sands
JUVENILES - bo diddley - wavy gravy (beware)

*TSU SHI MA MI RE - kedama boogie - pregnant fantasy (benten)
KIK FOWLEY - hound dog savage
FIRESIDE BLUES - plastic soul woman
FIFTY FOOT HOSE - bad trip

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
CHEATER SLICKS - stop breeding

LEATHER UPPERS - sugar sandwich - ok, don't say hi (pantsuit city)
UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS - another rock 'n' roll statement - spank the nun (skyclad)
CHAMBERS BROTHERS - all strung out over you - greatest hits (columbia)
ROYAL PENDELTONS - you've got to pay the chinaman - oh yeah baby (sftri)

*BLACK ANGELS - winter '68 - s/t (lights in the attic)
LAMPS - rototiller - s/t (in the red)
CONNER FAMILY - a lesson in love - gravel 2 (kumquat may)
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - mind, body & soul - s/t (goner)

*BLACK FURIES - murder city shakedown - death trip saturday night (gearhead)
MURRAY THE K (yes, THAT murray the k) - the lone twister - wavy gravy (beware) DAN MELCHIOR'S BROKE REVUE - 2 men - this love is real
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - waddlin' around - s/t (goner)

*TSU SHI MA MI RE - umeboshi plums big seeds - pregnant fantasy (ben ten)
A-LINES - nothing personal - you can touch (sftri)
THE GIRLS - chico's girl - girls in the garage (romulan)
SHOCKING BLUE - oh lord - 20 greatest hits (pink elephant)

GREENHORNES - it's my soul - 600 yen (telstar)
PRODUCERS - certain kind of girl - s/t (portrait)
VAPORS - lenina - magnets (liberty)

*BOMBSHELLS – who’s driving you home – S/T
ANJALI – rani of jhansi – the world of lady a (wiija)
DUSTY SPRINGFIELD – lost – a brand new me (atlantic)
*MAYBELLINES – our hearts keep time – a la carte (best friends)

*THE DIALS – bye bye bye bye baby - flex time (latest flame)
BEATLES – hey bulldog – yellow sub (capitol)
SWAMP ZOMBIES – chicken vulture crow – scratch and sniff car crash (doctor dream)

MARSHALL CRENSHAW – monday morning rock – field day (wb)