Monday, January 26, 2009

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
JOHNNY BEEMAN - laughing beatnik - real gone garbage (romulan)
LITTLE DIESEL - barefootin' - no lie (telstar)
DEAD MOON - walking on my grave - echoes of my past (sub pop)

*PARLOTONES - louder than bombs - a world next door to yours (sovereign)
C*NTS - chemicals in the mail - a decade of fun (pravda)
GINO WASHINGTON - do you have that soul - out of this world (norton)
WATZLOVES - jealousy - rockin' country gumbo (voodoo rhythm)

*JESUS H. CHRIST & THE FOUR HORNSMEN OF APOCALYPSE - liz the hot receptionist - happier than you
CYRKLE - weight of your words - neon (columbia)
*LUCINDA WILLIAMS - honey bee - little honey (lost highway)
WIRE - mannequin - pink flag

*HANDCUFFS - half a mind - electroluv (oofl)
D SWOONERS - stone free - monster-a-gogo (planet x)
HAUNTED GEORGE - epitaph for a driftin' cowboy - panther howl (hook or crook)
TOM REEVES - primitve love - big itch 4 (mr. manicotti)

*TOY KILLERS - dance of the were-samurai - the unlistenable years (ugexplode)
IGGY POP - new vlaues - new values (arista)
*LOVE IS ALL - movie romance - hundred things keep me up at night (whats your rupture)
PERSEPHONE'S BEES - nice day - notes from the underworld (spoonful)

DEMON'S CLAWS - shadow of a castle - satan's little pet pig (in the red)
SAM THE SHAM & THE PHAROAHS - the hair on my chinny chin-chin - best of (mgm)
MICHAEL SHELLY - stoop sale - i blame you (bar/none)
BUTTSTEAK - mant - shit cool... it's the honeycomb generation (merkin)

INTELLIGENCE - sailor dive - deuteronomy (in the red)
THE FALL - bingo master's breakout - burning ambitions
MARY JANE HOOPER - harper valley pta - eddie bo's funky funky new orleans
LOS EXPLOSIVOS - luie luie

BILLY JOE WINGHEAD - honey - precious moments with billy joe winghead (rafr)
DEL SHANNON - hats off to larry - runaway hits (bug)
HOODOO GURUS - bittersweet
PLAYBOYS - mope de mope

Monday, January 19, 2009

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
HASIL ADKINS - do the scalp - wild man (norton)
WATZLOVES - i have a dream - country rockin' gumbo (voodoo rhythm)
VIBRETTES - humpty bump - eddie bo's funky funk new orleans (funky delicacies)

*WOLVERTON BROTHERS - chaos and order - old ugly and loud (ionik)
BILLY JOE WINGHEAD - komanawannaleia - precious moments with billy joe winghead (rafr)
SHARADES - boy trouble - joe meek's girls
*HANDCUFFS - i just wanna be free, man - electroluv (oofl)

OS HAXIXINS - onde meditar - s/t (get hip)
CYRKLE - don't cry, no fears, no tears comin' your way - neon (columbia)
DAN MELCHIOR'S BROKE REVUE - you're my wife - bitterness spite rage scorn (in the red)
MOTOCASTER - motorolla blues - stay loaded (interscope)

*MANSFIELDS - shake some action - cramp your style (gearhead)
MEMBERS - sound of the suburbs - at the chelsea nightclub (virgin)
APPLES IN STEREO - ruby - her wallpaper reverie
SMALL FACES - what you gonna do about it - best of

GOLDEN BOYS - waiting for you - s/t
JACK & JACKIE - little girl - las vegas grind
TROGGS - good vibrations - archaeology
TOUGH & LOVELY - i should have known - teardrops (spoonful)

*SOFT HANDS - up the ladder - hours pass by (fidotrust)
BRIEFS - run the other way - hit after hit (dirtnap)
CUPIT - trainman - mfsb
BARBARA GEORGE - i know you don't love me no more - soul shots 4 (rhino)

*LOVE IS ALL - give it back - a hundred things keep me up at night (whats your rupture)
NEW YORK DOLLS - lonely planet boy - s/t (mercury)
HARLAN T. BOBO - so bad? - i'm your man (goner)
BEATLES - fool on the hill - magical mystery tour
BUBBLE - ladder of success - live music from a dead campus

Monday, January 12, 2009

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependabilty)
MESSER CHUPS - night of the open coffins - hyena safari (aerocccp)
FATS DOMINO - when i see you - cookin' with fats (ua)
WAILERS - out of our tree - nuggets box (rhino)

DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH - hold tight - deathproof
999 - i'm alive - burning ambitions
GUANO - put a cookie in my mouth - 20 bands trash 20 songs to find the way to sesame street
WOGGLES - c'mon and swim - fractured (telstar)

*LUCINDA WILLIAMS - honey bee - little honey (lost highway)
LYRES - you won't be sad anymore - lyres lyres
RON HAYDOCK & THE BOPPERS - you is a rat fink - mondo movie music
SAINTS - no, your product - eternally yours (sire)

*LADY DOTTIE & THE DIAMONDS - livin' it up - s/t (hi-speed soul)
IKE & TINA TURNER - river deep mountain high - back to mono (abkco)
GOLDEN BOYS - slow down - s/t (perpertrator)
*PARLOTONES - louder than bombs - a world next door to yours (sovereign)

KING KHAN & THE SHRINES - i wanna be a girl - whst it is (hazlewood)
CHAMBERS BROTHERS - all strung out over you - greatest hits (columbia)
ARCH HALL & THE ARCHERS - twist fever - mondo movie music
*HANDCUFFS - half a mind - electroluv (oofl)

LOS EXPLOSIVOS - a toda velocidad - s/t (slovenly)
PENETRATORS - gotta have her - kings of basement rock (fred)
CAROL KAY & THE STONE TONES - shook out of shape - mondo movie music
DIANE & THE JAVELINS - who's the girl - joe meek's girls

*EMERALDS - talk about love - love is rolling (australian cattle)
SWITCH TROUT - in the kitchen - 100% apeshit sampler (estrus)
TOUGH & LOVELY - take me back - teardrops (spoonful)
HOLLIES - king midas in reverse - vol 1

STOOGES - i wanna be your dog -s/t (elektra)
STOOGES - fun house - fun house (elektra)

Monday, January 05, 2009

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependabiltiy)
MODERN FOLK QUARTET - this could be the night - back to mono (abkco)
RASPBERRIES - ecstacy - greatest hits (capitol)
PATTY DREW - hard to handle - soul shots 4 : tell mama (rhino)

SEEDS - two fingers pointing at you - future (sundazed)
LOS EXPLOSIVOS - callate ya! - s/t (slovenly)
STEELPOLE BATHTUB - pseudophedrine hydrochloride - the miracle sound of motion (boner)
*WOLVERTON BROTHERS - mr. armageddon - old ugly and loud (ionik)

MONKS - drunken maria - black time (international)
MONKS - love came tumblin' down - black time (international)
JOHNNY RIVERS - back home again - where the action is! (design)
STAIRS - out in the country - mexican r'n'b (london)
*GRINGO STAR - all yall - all yall

*LOVE IS ALL - movie romance - a hundred things keep me up at night (what;s your rupture)
TURTLES - sound asleep - some old ones and some fairly new ones (white whale)
DEAD KENNEDYS - i fought the law (and i won) - give me convenience or give me death (alternative tenacles)
ORIGINAL SINS - one way out - bethlehem (bar/none)

MONKEES - sunny girlfriend - headquarters (rhino)
MONKEES - star collector - piseces aquarius capricorn & jones ltd. (rhino)
CLASSY FREDDIE BLASSIE - hey fred - i bite the songs (rhino)
TAV FALCO'S PANTHER BURNS - auto-sapien - goobers (fundamental)
SPACE STREAKINGS - f.o.j.k. - 7-toku (skin graft)

*JAPANESE MOTORS - single fins & safety pins - s/t (vice)
DEL SHANNON - the swiss maid - runaway hits! (bug)
SMALL FACES - my mind's eye
BAR-KAYS - just dance to the music - balck rock (stax)

TOOTHLESS GEORGE - ride - get outta philly (tick tick tick)
ALARM CLOCKS - no reason to complain - back from the grave (crypt)
THE THINGS - going home - wild psychotic sounds (big neck)

MORTALS - visions of my past - bulletproof (estrus)
REACH AROUND RODEO CLOWNS - bad dudes a-surfin' - whip it out (llist)
PORTER WAGGONER - bad news travels fast - your old love letters (rca)