Sunday, April 25, 2004

trying to wipe the taste of the kicks out of my mouth

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
MIKABOMB - super sexy razor happy girls - totally damaged (damaged goods)
ELVIS PRESLEY - guitar man
OBLIVIANS - nigger rich - soul food (crypt)

HATE BOMBS - what do you say to a girl like that - hunt you down (dionysus)
HAMBONE HUNTER - bacon fat - wavy gravy
THE MUMMIES - down home girl - death by unga bunga (estrus)
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS - ups & downs - greatest hits (columbia)
FLAMIN' GROOVIES - yeah my baby - now (sire)

CYNICS - the tone - living is the best revenge (get hip)
COFFIN LIDS - night of the zombies
ROGER 6 - cactus
BLACK MIDGET - new shoes - we're huge in japan (up yours)

DEADLY SNAKES - pirate cowboy - i'm not your soldier anymore (in the red)
SHADOWS OF KNIGHT - oh yeah - oh yeah! the best of dunwich (sundazed)
*STARLA DEAR - of the bull - let's do this

*OF MONTREAL - lysergic blues - satanic panic in the attic (polyvinyl)
MONKEES - can you dig it - head (rhino)
LOS CINCOS - miss spiritual tramp of 1968 - the five deadly sins (sftri)
RONETTES - you, baby - back to mono (abkco)
OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY - this is evening - supernatural equinox (rainbow quartz)

FLAVOR RED - girl too - birth of susan resultan (heavy g)
BRISTOLS - baby your phrasing is bad - sound in colour (damaged goods)
BOX TOPS - choo choo train - greatest hits (rhino)
*THE KICKS - radar - hello hong kong (tvt)
BIILY JOE WINGHEAD - coops - precious moments with billy joe winghead (rafr)

REZILLOS - top of the pops - teenage kicks (rhino)
HO HO LAUGHING MONSTER - ho ho laughing monster - wavy gravy
BIG SANDY & HIS FLY RITE BOYS - if i knew now (what i knew then) - hootenanny (foil)
HARVEY SID FISHER - country skat - live music from a dead campus (wfmu)
THE GOURDS - everybody's missing the sun - shinebox (sugar hill)

Sunday, April 18, 2004

droping the needle on the haystack

ELVIS PRESLEY - are you lonesome tonight - celebrities at their worst (mad deadly communist gangster)
DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
GARY U.S. BONDS - i wanna holler (but the town's too small) - best of gary u.s. bonds (rhino)
DETROIT COBRAS - ya ya ya (looking for my baby) - seven easy pieces (rough trade)
SONS OF HERCULES - spittin' fire - hits for the misses (unclean)

DEMOLITION DOLL RODS - psycho kitty - tasty (in the red)
THE MUMMIES - stronger than dirt - death by unga bunga (estrus)
GIBSON BROTHERS - roadrunner - the man who loved couch dancing (homestead)
I CONDORS - lei per la vita - 60's beat italiano (get hip)
STOOL PIGEONS - a must to avoid - rule hermania (sftri)

*THE SULTANS - please don't leave me on the highway - shipwrecked (swami)
THE BRIEFS - rotten love - hit after hit (dirtnap)
*THE EPOXIES - need more time - rock against bush, vol 1 (fat wreck chords)
ELECTRIC PRUNES - bangles - i had too much to dream last night (reprise)

FLAVOR RED - the thumper - birth of susan resultan (heavy g)
*WEEZER - no one else - deluxe edition (dgc)
THE GIRLS - rocket for girls - girls in the garage 5 (romulan)

*THE MOONBABIES - fieldtrip USA - orange billboard (hidden agenda)
WONDERMINTS - my ID/entity - bali (varese sarabande)
BRIAN WILSON - the warmth of the sun - i just wasn't made for these times (mca)
WHITE LIGHTS - another face - s/t (worrybird)
NEKO CASE & HER BOYFRIENDS - she fell away - the virginian (bloodshot)
WHITE STRIPES - one more cup of coffee - s/t (sftri)

LEROI BROTHERS - so much to say - open all night (profile)
*WHISKEY & CO - barroom women - plaza (no idea)
BUG LAMP - el dorado - roadside prophets (vanguard)
ANGEL DEAN & THE ZEPHYRS - leaving - rig rock jukebox (diesel only)

THE GOURDS - pickles - bolsa de aqua (sugar hill)
MONKEES - sweet young thing - s/t (colgems)
JUNIOR BROWN - our first bluebonnet spring - mixed bag (curb)
BUCK OWENS - who's gonna mow your grass? - house of 1000 corpses (geffen)
LEE HAZELWOOD - i think it's monday morning - requiem for an almost lady (smells like)
FROG HOLLER - happy hour - idiots (record cellar)
FROG HOLLER - pennsylvania - idiots (record cellar)

Sunday, April 11, 2004

comps rule, ok?

MOHAMMED RAFI - jaan pehechaan ho - ghost world (shanachie)
DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
ANGEL & THE DEVINES - octopus - girls in the garage 5 (romulan)
WHYTE BOOTS - nightmare - girls in the garage 1 (romulan)
LYNN & THE INVADERS - boy is gone - girls in the garage 1 (romlan)
THE CHYMES - quite a reputation - girls in the garage 1 (romulan)

NANCY SIT - love potion #9 - girls in the garage 8 (romulan)
GORIES - let your daddy ride - i know you fine (new rose)
HOOKERS - satan's highway 666 - cheapo crypt sampler 2 (crypt)
BEGUILED - screaming rummy - cheapo crypt sampler (crypt)
COUNTRY TEASERS - mosquito - cheapo crypt sampler 2 (crypt)

MOTOCASTER - straightfaced - stay loaded (interscope)
*VON BONDIES - no regrets - pawn shoppe heart (sire)
*VON BONDIES - broken man - pawn shoppe heart (sire)
*BUTCHIES - make yr life - make yr life (yep roc)

PRETTY THINGS - unknown blues - s/t (spv)
SAVOYS - can it be - back from the grave 6 (crypt)
TEARJERKERS - wire tapper calling - bad moon rising (sftri)
CHERRY VALENCE - bootyshakin'- s/t (estrus)

WHITE STRIPES - the big 3 killed my baby - s/t (sftri)
YARDBIRDS - stroll on - ultimate yardbirds (rhino)
JETSCREAMER - black hole - already gone (already gone)
ORIGINAL SINS - black hole - self destruct (psonik)

*STARLA DEAR - z-round - let's do this
PAYBACKS - hot shot - knock loud (get hip)
CRYSTALS - then he kissed me - back to mono (abkco)
*MARY LOU LORD - cold kilburn rain - baby blue (rubric)
*WHISKEY & CO - high, life - plaza (no idea)

GRANDMASTER FLASH - wheels of steel - rapmasters 8 (priority)
? - teutonik disaster
HAWAIIAN PUPS - baby judy - split second precision (prtrait)

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Kurt Cobain died for somebody's sins, but not mine

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
NECKBONES - ocean of blue - the lights are getting dim (fat posum)
THE C*NTS - why do you live on my block - decade of fun (pravda)
GIRL TROUBLE - bring on the dancing girls - thrillsphere (pravda)

THE DOGS - slither (dionysus)
BRIAN AUGER TRINITY - foolkiller - if your memory serves you well
A-BONES - lug nuts - free beer for life (norton)
THE MAJORETTES - lets do the kangaroo - girls in the garage (romulan)
JULIE DRISCOLL - don't do it no more

THE SINGLES - better than before - better than before (rainbow quartz0
DEL FUEGOS - don't run wild - 12" (slash)
WHISKEY & CO - high tonight - plaza (no idea)
KIM FOWLEY - hound dog savage - outlaw superman (dionysus)

GIBSON BROTHERS - the open road - bluegrass all-stars (sugar hill)
THE GOURDS - lament -stadium blitzer (sugar hill)
DEKE DICKERSON WITH BILLY ZOOM - nightmare of a woman - more million sellers (hightone)

WONDERMINTS - don't go breaking my heart - what the world needs now... (big time)
FRENCHY - jealous again - che's lounge (dionysus)
JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - skunk - now i got worry (matador)
MIKABOMB - love factor five - the fake fake sounds of mikabomb (damaged goods)
THE SMUGGLERS - larry, where are you? - mutiny in stereo (lookout)

FLAMIN' GROOVIES - ups and downs - now (sire)
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS - louie go home - greatest hits (columbia)
LOS CINCOS - kissing at the carnival - five deadly sins (sftri)
STARLA DEAR - of the bull - let's do this

ROGER 6 - cactus
POOR LUTHER'S BONES - walking time bomb - so that the world may sing far away music, honky (heavy g)
IDLE RACE - mr. crow and sir norman - light at the end of the tunnel (see for miles)
TEENAGE FANCLUB - december - bandwagonesque (dgc)
BIG STAR - you get what you deserve - radiocity (ardent)

NIRVANA - lounge act - nevermind (dgc)
NIRVANA - jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam - unplugged in new york (dgc)