Tuesday, January 17, 2006

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
SCOTT BEDFORD FOUR - you turned your back on me - absolutely allentown (posi 19th st.)
LOVE - my little red book - best of love (rhino)
KAISERS - foolish one

CHESTERFIELD KINGS - running through my nightmares - the mindbending sounds of (sundazed)
MUMMIES - i'm gonna kill my baby tonight - death by unga bunga (estrus)
A-BONES - daddy wants a cold beer - daddy wants a cold beer (norton)
WILDTONES - shut-ups - las vegas grind

MACH KUNG FU - psycho
SWAMP RATS - psycho - back from the grave (crypt)
SONICS - psycho - here are the sonics (norton)
PAGANS - the street where nobody lives - everybody hates you (crypt)
WIPERS - pushing the extreme - over the edge (zeno)

POOR LUTHER'S BONES - mamma's hell delight - expanding submarine kazoo (heavy g)
DM BOB & THE DEFICITS - burnin' - bad with wimmen (crypt)
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - little girl in the woods - s/t (goner)
MAKERS - small town depression - hunger (estrus)

PIXIES - something against you - surfer rosa
PIXIES - broken face - surfer rosa
BIKINI KILL - rebel girl - cd version of first 2 records
THE JAM - strange town - compact snap!

COACHWHIPS – you gonna get it – bangers –vs- fuckers (narnack)
MYSTERY GIRLS – brown bag blues – greaseball melodrama (gearhead)
COBRA KILLER – the waspwoman – s/t (dhr)
COFFIN BREAK – stupid love song – psychosis (c/z)

BIG SANDY & HIS FLY RITE BOYS – if I knew now what I knew then – best of hootenanny (foil)
HONEYCOMBS – have I the right – it’s hard to believe it (razor & tie)
HOUSE OF FREAKS – I got happy – cakewalker (reprise)

MYRTLE K. HILO – lover’s prayer

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

MONKEES – zilch – headquarters (rhino)
DOO RAG – mop down – what we do (dependability)
MACH KUNG FU –on the road
NECKBONES – special purpose – gentlemen (misprint)
MONKEES – sunny girlfriend – headquarters (rhino)

DONNAS – gonna be your girl
KO & THE KNOCKOUTS – set me free
*ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK – I can hear the sex noise
DEVIL DOGS – stay up all night

*PINK SWORDS – kept on fallin’
BLACK FLAG – six pack
MOSES LONGPIECE – slide her under door
GIRL TROUBLE – marie leveau

MOGOLLAR – lazy john
TREYTONES – nonymous

*LIGHTNING BOLT – bizarre zarro land
LOVIN’ SPOONFUL – you didn’t have to be so nice
LOVE – you set the scene

MODERN LOVERS – someone to talk to
MC5 – lookin’ at you (1996)
SAINTS - demolition girl / nights in venice

WIPERS – over the edge
PAGANS – what’s this shit called love
RADIO BIRDMAN – man with the golden helmet