Monday, December 13, 2010

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
FLAMIN' GROOVIES - love have mercy - supersnazz (epic)
kING KHAN & BBQ SHOW= captain captain - what;s for dinner (in thre red)
HASIL ADKINS - punchy wunchy wicky wacky woo - the wild man (norton)
DOBIE GRAY - mr. engineer - sings for in crowders that gogogo (collectables)

CYNICS - coming around my way = here we are (get hip)
DANA GILLESPIE - you just gotta know my way - foolish seasons (rev-ola)
EMITT RHODES - really wanted you - mirror (abg)
SAINTS - memories are made of these - eternally yours
NEW TOYS - running away = better late than never

*DUKE SPIRIT - everybody;s under your spell - kusama (shagri-la)
BRISTOLS - romeo & juliet - tune in with (damaged goods)
JIMMY RAYE - philly dog around the world - northern soul story 3
JOE KING CARRASCO AND THE CROWNS - nervoused out - s/t (hannibal)
*GIRL HAGGARD - providence and bourbon -country and eastern (75 or less)

PEARLS & BRASS - spinning wheel blues / highway sermon blues - s/t (doppleganger)
CRABBY APPLETON - go back - s/t (elektra)
STUPIDITY - set me free - illegal uturn
DAVE PHLEGMBALL - cheap beer - sound of mucus II

OBLIVIANS - viet nam war blues - soul food (crypt)
THEE OH SEES - meat step lively - help (in the red)
HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS - if you want to be a bird - easy rider
NANCY SINATRA - oh you beautiful doll - sugar (reprise)
FISHBONE - slick nick you devil you - it's a wonderful life (columbia)

*DEMON'S CLAWS - fed from the heart - the defrosting of (in the red)
ORSON BROTHERS - no one waits forever = no one waits forever (new rose)
PATSY RAYE & TEH BEATNIKS - a beatnik's wish - swing for a crime
GIBSON BROTHERS - casey jones
FEAR - hoochie coochie man - get crazy
BO DIIDLEY - 16 rons - bo is a gunslinger
VARIOUS - side 2 - swing for a crime

*PARTING GIFTS - keep walking - strychnine dandelion (in the red)
*VIVA - universal radio - rock 'n' roll lover
*NOBUNNY - ain't it a shame - first blood (goner)
*CHEAP TIME - when tomorrow comes - fantastic explanations and similar situations (in the red)
SCOTT BEFDFORD FOUR - you turned your back on me - absolutely allentown
WILDEBEESTS = please come home
STRANGELOVES - i wanna do it
ALAN PRICE - o lucky man