Monday, February 23, 2009

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
ROSS JOHNSON - when the saints come marching in - make it stop (goner)
LLOYD PRICE - poppa shon - louisiana soul
MAD DADDYS - good n stupid - age of asparagus

GARY US BONDS - new orleans
EDDIE BO - from this moment on
BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO - down dallas alley - taking it home (island)
PROFESSOR LONGHAIR - mardi gras in new orleans - new orleans piano (atlantic)

*COTTON JONES - up a tree (went this heart i have) - paranoid cartoon (suicide squeeze)
DAN MELCHIOR'S BROKE REVUE - bottom of the sea - this love is real
JACK SCOTT - lonesome mary - greaseball (buffalo bop)
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - captain captain - what's for dinner (in the red)

WATZLOVES - zydeco dance - rockin' country gumbo (voodoo rhythm)
NASHVILLE TEENS - google eye - tobacco road
DAVE EDMUNDS - A1 on the jukebox - best of dave edmunds (swan song)
A-BONES - take up the slack daddy-o - daddy wants a cold beer (norton)
A-BONES - guess i'm fallong in love - daddy wants a cold beer (norton)

REIGNING SOUND - brown papaer sack - time bomb high school (in the red)
BLACK LIPS - time of the scab - we did not know the forest spirit made the flowers grow (bomp)
MONKEES - for pete's sake - headquarters (rhino)
*BRAN FLAKES - rodeo butterfly - i have hands (illegal art)

BONNIWELL MUSIC MACHINE - everything is everything - ignition (sundazed) *HANDCUFFS - god sure is one funny girl - electroluv (oofl)
KIN FOWLEY - what if boys got pregnant - outlaw superman
*BACKSLIDERS - fat girls - you're welcome

PONTIAC BROTHERS - rock music - fuzzy little piece of the world (frontier)
HOLLIES - pay you back with interest
EXPLODING HEARTS - modern kicks - shattered (dirtnap)
JELLYFISH - the king is half-undressed - bellybutton

YELLOW FEVER - alice - cats & rats (hugpatch)
SMALL FACES - feel much better
SHOCKING BLUE - inkpot - 20 greatest hits

Monday, February 16, 2009

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
COUNTRY TEASERS - spiderman in the flesh - the empire strikes back (in the red)
PINK FLOYD - flaming - piper at the gates of dawn (capitol)
ELECTRIC LOLLIPOP - lightning bug - girls in the garage (romulan)

GORIES - you make it move - i know you fine but how you doin' (new rose)
GEZA X & HIS MOMMYMEN - isotope soap - you goddam kids (dionysus)
KIM FOWLEY - hollywood nights - outlaw superman (dioynsus)
RONETTES - paradise - back to mono

CRAMPS - she said - bad music for bad people (irs)
STAIRS - take no notice of the world outside - mexican r'n'b (london)
LOS BRAVOS - going nowhere - nuggets box 1 (rhino)
BIG SOUL - o my soul - radio city (stax)

*VOX JAGUARS - swagger - s/t (anodyne)
FRENCHY - groovy - bumps & grinds (dioysus)
GINO WASHINGTON - out of this world - out of this world (norton)
CHEATER SLICKS - george washington - refried dreams (in the red)

*LORDS OF ALTAMONT - no love lost - the altamont sin (gearhead)
*NEW STANDARDS - london calling - rock and roll (princess)
*PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART - come saturday - s/t (slumberland)
PAUL COLLINS BEAT - trapped - the kids are the same

SINKS - beat out my brains - 7" (fashionable idiots)
THE FALL - cab it up - i am kurious oranj (beggars banquet)
WATZLOVES - you're the reason our kids are ugly - rockin' country gumbo (voodoo rhythm)
A-BONES - i'm snowed - daddy wants a cold beer (norton)

FIRESIDE BLUES - bleed for me
A-LINES - nothing personal - you can touch (sftri)
SEEDS - pretty girl - future (sundazed)
OS HAXIXINS - surgia por sobre a relva - s/t (get hip)

GENTLEMAN JESSE - the rest of my days - s/t (douchemaster)
PAYBACKS - black girl - sympathetic sounds of detroit (sftri)
WE FIVE - poet - make someone happy (a&m)
GREENHORNES - three faint calls - dual mono (telstar)
SPIDERS - furi furi '66 - let's go spiders
DEMOLITION DOLL RODS - big rock candy mountain - on (swami)

Monday, February 09, 2009

A tribute to the Jesus of Naughtius Maximus, Lux Interior of the Cramps, all Cramps for the first hour, then a guest DJ spot he did in LA for "The Purple Knif" in 1984 for the second hour.

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
CRAMPS - tear it up - urgh! a music war (a&m)

CRAMPS - garbage man
CRAMPS - mad daddy
CRAMPS - love me
CRAMPS - she's got balls
CRAMPS - goo goo muck

CRAMPS - dames, booze, chains, boots
CRAMPS - human fly
CRAMPS - king of the drapes
CRAMPS - i can't hardly stand it
CRAMPS - teenage rage

CRAMPS - new kind of kick
CRAMPS - ultra twist
CRAMPS - sunglasses after dark

The Purple Knif Show

Monday, February 02, 2009

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
ROSS JOHNSON - my mission - make it stop (goner)
BYRDS - she don't care about time - essential (legacy)
WATZLOVES - you are so strange - rockin' country gumbo (voodoo rhythm)

WAYNE JAYNE COUNTY - rock 'n' roll cleopatra
*BACKSLIDERS - youre gonna miss me - you're welcome
RASPBERRIES - go all the way - best of (capitol)
TOUGH & LOVELY - take me back - teardrops (spoonful)

A-BONES - don't need no job - daddy wants a cold beer (norton)
THE SPIDERS - around and around - monster a go-go (planet x)
GARY YOUNG - plant man - hospital
RAVEONETTES - attack of the ghost riders - whip it on

*COTTON JONES - up a tree - paranoid cocoon
OS HAXIXINS - acido fincado - s/t (get hip)
OS MUTANTES - a minha menina - everything is possible (luaka bop)
? - track 22 - cambodian rocks

*HANDCUFFS - i jst wanna be free, man - electroluv (oofl)
GINO WASHINGTON - around the town - out of this world (norton)
WOGGLES - feelin' the humidity - fractured (telstar)
CYNICS - baby what's wrong - cynicism (1+2)

BUDDY HOLLY - well all right
BUDDY HOLLY - not fade away
BUDDY HOLLY - love's made a fool of you
BUDDY HOLLY - listen to me
BUDDY HOLLY - reminiscing
BUDDY HOLLY - rave on
SEX PISTOLS - i wanna be me - live at chelmsford top security prison
SEX PISTOLS - lazt sod - live at chelmsford top security prison

*POOR LUTHER'S BONES - sweet young thang - who's in the booby hatch now? (heavy g)
THE THINGS - going home - wild psychotic sounds (big neck)
THE SMOKE - my friend jack - nuggets box 2 (rhino)
DEATH BY CHOCOLATE - day out - zap the world (jetset)

*PARLOTONES - bird in fight - a world next door to yours
SHANE HELLERWEED - sleepover dress - completed 2006 (blind pigeon)