Tuesday, September 19, 2006

SONIC YOUTH - i'm insane - bad moon rising (homestead)
HAUNTED GEORGE - evil eye - panther howl (hook or crook)
B.B. - trip to bandstand - real gone garbage (romulan)
TONY MOON WITH THE ARTONES - nacl - real gone garbage
DON AND MARK - fidel and raul - real gone garbage
PASQUALE AND LUIGI WITH TONY - italian martians - real gone garbage
RALPH SMEDLEY - suffocate - real gone garbage
RALPH SMEDLEY - drown - real gone garbage
IRVING GLUCK COMBO - irving gluck twist - real gone garbage

FLUID - our love will still be there - groin thunder (dog meat)
BEAT HAPPENING - bewitched - crashing through (k)
TITANS - dr. jekyll and mr. hyde - wild six rock 'n' roll (get hip)
*JAMES KOLCHAKA SUPERSTAR - this is how we rock in america - spread your evil wings and fly (rykodisc)

BBQ - c'mon and love me - tie your noose (bomp)
STOMACH MOUTHS - teenage caveman - wild trip (voxx)
DWARVES - strange movies - groin thunder (dog meat)
KRUNCHIES - lost/confused - in de winkel (criminal iq)

FE FI FO FUMS - i just want to have some fun - 7"
*SANDI THOM - i wish i was a punk rocker - smile... it confuses people
JAY REATARD - hammer i miss you - 7" (goner)
ALEX CHILTON - tee ni nee ni noo - feudalist tarts (big time)

JACK O. & THE TEARJERKERS - dope sniffin' dog - don't throw your love away (sftri)
MITCH RYDER - joy - all mitch ryder hits (new voice)
SOUVENIRS - anna marie - s/t (will)
ORIGNAL SINS - tearing me in 2 - hardest way

*DOXIES - goat - in serach of
DEADLY SNAKES - don river jail - porcella (in the red)

*SPENCER DICKINSON - love without a smile - the man who lives for love (yep roc)
*DISTANTS - falling apart - broken gold (blue cave)
*YO LA TENGO - pass the hatchet, i think i'm goodkind - i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass (matador)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

HAUNTED GEORGE - fear : one step beyond - panther (hook or crook)
DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
JACQUELINE TAB - 7 Heures Du Matin - swinging madamoiselles
DIRTBOMBS - i'm through with white girls - sympathetic sounds of detroit (sftri)
SAINTS - know your product - eternally yours (sire)

*RADIO BIRDMAN - we've come so far (to be here today) - zeno beach (yep roc)
RADIO BIRDMAN - what gives - essential radio birdman (sub pop)
FE FI FO FUMS - in the summertime - 7"
FRUSTRATIONS - summer - 7" (x!)

*CHERRY TEMPO - wake up! gertrude stein - s/t (june)
THEE MICHELE GUN ELEPHANT - killer beach - gear blues (munster)
MITCH RYDER - i'd rather go to jail - all mitch ryder hits (voice)
B-MOVIE RATS - space age boy - killer woman (dead beat)

*YIP YIP - candy dinner - in the reptile house (saf)
BEAT HAPPENING - i've lost you - dreamy (k)
JAY REATARD - it's so useless - 7" (goner)
THE GAIN - in this town - sampler (slovenly)

ZOOBOMBS - south central rock - let it bomb (emperor norton)
BAGGYS - el surfer - real gone garbage (romulan)
MESSER CHUPS - nacht von offene
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - hold me tight - s/t (goner)

MOTOCASTER - dual-active - stay loaded (interscope)
KRUNCHIES - sobriety anxiety - in de winkel (criminal iq)
DEMON'S CLAWS - mental revenge
NEW YORK DOLLS - vietnamese baby - s/t (mercury)

DEADLY SNAKES - ambulance man - porcella (in the red)
THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN - look around - hollywood dream
FLATLANDERS - hello stranger

WIRE - 12xu
JACK O. & THE TEARJERKERS - still got it bad

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

WHISTLING JACK SMITH - i was kaiser bill's batman
THE BUZZARDS - high class - sympathetic sounds of detroit (sftri)
JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - get with it - controversial negro (matador)
*YO LA TENGO - pass the hatchet, i think i'm goodkind - i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass (matador)

JAY REATARD - hammer i miss you - 7" (goner)
DEMON'S CLAWS - shadow of a castle - live from spring branch, tx (hook or crook)
NICK LOWE - so it goes - pure pop for now people (columbia)
*SOME GIRLS - poor man's you - crushing love (koch)

FRUSTRATIONS - nerves are fried - 7" (x!)
WEIRDOS - solitary confinement - weird world (munster)
SPIKE JONES - my old flame - best of spike jones (rca)
DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS - little honda - 7" (p trash)

*COMETS ON FIRE - dogwood rust - avatar (sub pop)
FLAMING LIPS - slow nerve action - providing needles for your balloons (wb)
SONIC YOUTH - little trouble girl

FE FI FO FUMS - i can't help myself - 7" (boom boom castle party)
LORETTE VELVETTE - don't crowd my mind - history of memphis garage rock : the 90's (shangri-la)
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - april skies - cloudland (wb)

*AWESOME COLOR – hat energy – s/t (ecstatic peace)
CHROME CRANKS – way-out lover – live in exile (au-go-go)
SIMON & THE BAR SINISTERS – thinking with the wrong head – look at me, I’m cool!!! (upstart)
SOME ACTION – hurt tonight – ep (gigantic)

ORIGINAL SINS – o misery – turn you on (bedlam)
PIZZICATO FIVE – 20th century girl – the fifth release from matador (matador)
CHRIS BUTLER – starvin’ for summer – the museum of me (future fossil)
MICHAEL SHELLEY – summer, i pissed you away – too many movies (big deal)