Sunday, September 26, 2004

r.i.p. russ meyer (a tribute to unrestrained female anatomy)

mondo topless intro
PSYCLONE RANGERS - tilt-a-whirl - the devil may care (world domination)
BILLY JOE WINGHEAD - komanawannaleia - precious moments with billy joe winghead (rafr)FLAT DUO JETS - tura satana - white trees (sky)
SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS - papa was a preacher but mama was a gogo girl - for lovers only (safe house)
BOB LOG III - clap your tits - trike (fat possum)
DOO RAG - mop down - what we do

DEXATEENS - the air we breathe - s/t (estrus)
*TH' LOSIN' STREAKS - beg steal or borrow - sounds of violence (slovenly)
JULIE DRISCOLL - don't do it no more - if your memory serves you well
EVAN JOHNS & THE H-BOMBS - gonna get a new one - s/t (jungle)

*BLUES EXPLOSION - crunchy - damage (sanctuary)
STOMACH MOUTHS - don't put me down - wild trip (voxx)
LO-FI'S - all over town - s/t (foe)

*THE SADIES - as much as such - favourite colours (yep roc)
MIDNIGHT PLOWBOYS - black silk stalkings
GLENRAYS - hey little willie - bloodshot! the gaity records story (norton)
TROGGS - when will the rain come - archaeology
REIGNING SOUND - we repel each other - too much guitar

*HIGH DIALS - city rivers - field in glass (rainbow quartz)
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY - anyotherway - good things (damaged goods)
BOX TOPS - mi sento filice - box tops greatest hits (rhino)
THE GORIES - six cold feet - i know you fine but how you doin' (new rose)

*COMETS ON FIRE - bee and the cracking egg - blue cathedral (sub pop)
TONY POWERS - don't nobody move, this a heist
MONKEES - can you dig it - head (rhino)
JOLLY BOYS - Love in the cemetary (rykodisc)
FRANCOISE HARDY - something in french

Sunday, September 19, 2004

another dead ramone

ROSEANNE BARRNOLD - star spangled banner - celebrities at their worst (mad deadly)
DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
DONALD & THE DELIGHTERS - wang dang dula - shakin' fit (candy)
5678's - ki-kya shout - tokyo trashville (augogo)
TEENGENERATE - shake a tail feather - audio recording (cruddy)

UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS - another rock 'n' roll statement - spank the nun (skyckad)'
TOY DOLLS - peter practice's practice space - ten years of toys (dojo)
RED RIVER DAVE - california hippy murders - psycho serenade (beware)
*THE SADIES - translucent sparrow - favourite colours (yep roc)

THE STARFIRES - three roses - psycho serenade (beware)
REIGNING SOUND - get it! - too much guitar (in the red)
MONKEES - you told me - headquarters (rhino)
*GRIS GRIS - everytime - s/t (birdman)
13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - tried to hide - the psychedelic sounds of the 13th floor elevators (decal)
BROTHER JT3 - levitation - wwjtd (bedlam)

*THE MUFFS - don't pick on me - really really happy (five foot two)
BOBBYTEENS - i'm alright - not so sweet (screaming apple)
*ROGERS SISTERS - check level - three fingers (troubleman unlimited)
FOUR CORNERS - stand up! - say you're a scream (kindercore)

*THE SERMON - time has come - volume (alternative tenacles)
BANTAM ROOSTER - this time - fuck all y'all (sftri)
FRIGGS - bad word for a good thing - rock candy

*THE MITTENS - skip it all - s/t (man with a gun)
THE MULLENS - step on the gas - s/t (get hip)
THE KAISERS - take your time caroline - shake me! (get hip)
HIGH DIALS - city rivers - fields in glass (rainbow quartz)

RAMONES - i don't care - it's alive (sire)
RAMONES - sheena is a punk rocker - it's alive (sire)
RAMONES - havana affair - it's alive (sire)
RAMONES - commando - it's alive (sire)
RAMONES - here today, gone tomorrow - it's alive (sire)
RAMONES - surfin' bird - it's alive (sire)
RAMONES - cretin hop - it's alive (sire)

THE STEEDS - alone in a crowd - demo
THE A'S - artificial love - s/t (arista)
DARLENE LOVE - marshmallow world - phil spector christmas world (abkco)

Sunday, September 12, 2004

15 minutes late, thanks to an errant O2 tank

PHIL PHILLIPS - the evil dope - psycho serenade (beware)
MONKEES - for pete's sake - headquarters (rhino)
DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)

*GRIS GRIS - necessary seperation - s/t (birdman)
BOBBY SYKES - long lonesome road - diesel smoke dangerous curves (starday)
JOHN DOE - lets be mad - meet john doe (dgc)
*THE SADIES - as much as such - favorite colours (yep roc)
*THE SADIES - a burning snowman - favorite colours (yep roc)
JOHNNY CASH - in my life - american iv : the man comes around (american)

*OLD 97's - friends forever - drag it up (new west)
SOCIAL OUTCASTS - mad - psycho serenade (beware)
OBLIVIANS - never change - live in atlanta
CROP CIRCLE - chlorine - s/t (flying ace)
MACH KUNG FU - on the move - bugged! (time bomb)

*GUITAR WOLF - jet13 - loverock (narnack)
BUFF MEDWAYS - sally sensation - steady the buffs
RAY CHARLES - tell me how do you feel - what'd i say (atlantic)
THE KAISERS - shake me - shake me (get hip)

*THE MUFFS - a little luxury - really really happy (five foot two)
THE MUFFS - rock and roll girl - freedom of choice (caroline)
ART LINKLETTER - dear mom and dad - we love you, call collect (word)
THE MUMMIES - just one more dance - death by unga bunga (estrus)
REIGNING SOUND - uptight tonight - too much guitar (in the red)

KIM FOWLEY - motorboat - outlaw superman (dionysus)
*THE DATSUNS - that sure ain't right - outta sight/outta mind (v2)
HEARTBREAKERS - let go - l.a.m.f. (track)
MORNING SHAKES - trash action girl - 7" (wallabies)
*THE BOMBSHELLS - such a bore - s/t

STOOGES - dirt - funhouse (elektra)
FLAMING LIPS - slow nerve action - transmissions from the satellite heart
DANIELSON FAMILE - who are parents - better than the beatles

Sunday, September 05, 2004

fuck! i forgot to play the kildozer labor day song!

CLAUDINE LONGET - hello hello - claudine (a&m)
DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
GASOLINE - suicide dog - s/t (estrus)
REIGNING SOUND - you got me hummin' - too much guitar (in the red)
TOY DOLLS - dig that groove baby - ten years of toys

*THE LASHES - death by mixtape - the stupid stupid (lookout)
JOE "KING" CARRASCO & THE CROWNS - betty's world - s/t (antilles)
LES SEXAREENOS - we gonna ball - 14 frenzied shakers (sftri)
*GUITAR WOLF - violent letter - loverock (narnack)

BLACK FLAG - jealous again - jealous again (sst)
SUBSONICS - new monkey boy - everything is falling apart (get hip)
*ROGERS SISTERS - 45 prayers - three fingers (troubleman unlimited)
JOHNNY NEAL & THE STARLINERS - walk baby walk - english freakbeat (aip)

*THE MUFFS - really really happy - really really happy (five foot two)
SQUATWEILER - call me - how many bands does it take to screw up a blondie tribute (sftri)
DRESSY BESSY - just once more - s/t (kindercore)
NAOMI & THE BOYS - i'd like to know - girls in the garage 8 (romulan)
*ESSEX GREEN - mendocino - old enough 2 know better (merge)

FIRESIDE BLUES - sweet kiss o gasoline
COUCH FLAMBEAU - last scorpion hunt - mammal insect marriage (ludwig van ear)
COUCH FLAMBEAU - psycho in the house - mammal insect marriage (ludwig van ear)
DEXATEENS - hard lovin' - s/t (estrus)
TOM O'NEAL - sleeper cab blues - diesel smoke, dangerous curves (starday)

*HIGH DIALS - the house where trouble sleeps - fields in glass (rainbow quartz)
DELTA RHYTHM BOYS - if you see tears in my eyes - history of atlantic rhythm & blues : the roots 1947-1952 (atlantic)
LOS BRAVOS - black is black - black is black
*OLD 97's - borrowed bride - drag it up (new west)

*DONOVAN - love floats - beat cafe (appleseed)
RICK JAMES - bustin' out - bustin' out of l seven (gordy)
MIKE REID - prisencolinensinaincuisol - you are awful, but we love you (sequel)