Monday, September 22, 2008

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
LOS DIABLOS DEL SOL - wild sound - sore losers (sftri)
JACK O'FIRE - tom price's favorite song - soul music 101 (sftri)
MONKS - oh, how to do now - black time (international)

ROSS JOHNSON - rockabilly monkey-faced girl - make it stop : the most of ross johnson (goner)
TOY DOLLS - glenda and the test tube baby - ten years of toys (dojo)
KING KHAN & THE SHRINES - land of the freak - what is (hazlewood)
VENDETTAS - hi-fi baby - s/t (360 twist)

THE GO - keep on trash - whtcha doin' (sub pop)
MISS ALEX WHITE & THE RED ORCHESTRA - station patience - s/t (in the red)
MUMMIES - down home girl - death by unga bunga (estrus)
DEMOLITION DOLL RODS - married for the weekend- tla (matador)

M.O.T.O. - getting it up for physics - raw power (criminal iq)
FUGS - skin flowers - greatest hits (pvc)
GARY U.S. BONDS - do the bumpsie - best of gary u.s. bonds (rhino)
DETROIT COBRAS - putty in your hands - mink rabbit or rat (sftri)

MOTOCASTER - the buddah - stay loaded (interscope)
MONKEES - i'm not your steppin' stone - more of the monkees (arista)
*PINK SPIDERS - truth or dare - sweat it out (adrenaline)
VICTIMS - buy your love - real wild child (golden disc)

PINK FLOYD - scream thy last scream - artifacts from the psychedelic dungeon
PINK FLOYD - astronomy domine - piper at the gates of dawn (capitol)
COFFIN DAGGERS - interstellar overdrive - s/t
MESSER CHUPS - little blood sucker - hyena safari (aerocccp)

BEGINNING OF THE END - in the deep - funky nassau (alston)
YOUNG RASCALS - find somebody - groovin' (atlantic)
REDD KROSS - monolith - phaseshifter
PRETTY THINGS - baron saturday - sf sorrow (rare earth)

THE GIRLS - chico's girl - girls in the garage
PERSEPHONE'S BEES - queen's night out - notes from the underworld (spoonful)
BIG STAR - september gurls - radio city (stax)

Monday, September 15, 2008

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
RUSS MEYER - mondo topless : an introduction - mondo topless (pop biz)
DIRTBOMBS - can't stop thinking about it - horndog fest (in the red)
CHEATER SLICKS - one life story - refried dreams (in the red)

DIRTBOMBS - granny's little chicken - horndog fest (in the red)
*MOONDOGGIES - ol' blackbird - don't be a stranger (hardly art)
GHETTO WAYS - home in your heart - solid brown (alien snatch)
MEMPHIS HORNS - sanitation man - s/t (cotillion)
BLACK & WHITES - so torn up over you - s/t (douchemaster)

REACH AROUND RODEO CLOWNS - beaver - whip it out (llist)
DEL COUNTS - bird dog - riot city (satan)
IRVING KLAWS - patty - pervasonic sounds of (get hip)
DAN MELCHIOR'S BROKE REVUE - your happy home - this love is real

*LEFT LANE CRUISER - g bob - brin yo ass to the table (alive)
GINO WASHINGTON - do you have that soul - out of this world (norton)
NASHVILLE TEENS - mother-in-law - tobacco road
JOHNNY NEAL & THE STARLITERS - walk baby walk - english freakbeat 1 (aip)

*MOJOMATICS - miss me when i'm gone - don't pretend that you know me (ghost)
MESSER CHUPS - fender satanic limited edition - hyena safari (aerocccp)
DEVILS - just like that - absolutely another allentown anglophile again
THE GO - whatcha doin' - whatcha doin' (sub pop)

PERSPHONE'S BEES - on the earth - notes from the underworld (spoonful)
CARNABEATS - koi wo shiyoyo jenny - complete singles
SHOCKING BLUE - love is in the air - 20 greatest hits
BRISTOLS - baby your phrasing is bad - sound in colour (damaged goods)

*RUMBLE STRIPS - alarm clock - girls and weather

SHANGRI-LA'S - dum dum ditty - shangri-la's '65 (charly)

MUSIC MACHINE - double yellow line - nuggets box (rhino)

STOOL PIGEONS - can't you hear my heartbeat - rule hermania (sftri)

TWO TIMIN' THREE - black & white baby

TWO TIMIN' THREE - no thru

GENTLEMAN JESSE & HIS MEN - you don't have to do it you don't (douchemaster)

LYRES - buried alive - ahs 1005 (matador)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)
CHERRY VALENCE - lose that smile -s/t (estrus)
ROSS JOHNSON & ALEX CHILTON - baron of love, pt 2 - make it stop : the most of ross johnson (goner)
OLYMPICS - the duck - sing (post)
DETONATIONS - static vision - static vision (alive)

REACH AROUND RODEO CLOWNS - big guy stomp - whip it out (llist)
HEXXERS - sidewinder crawl - freaks with the savage beat (golly gee)
GINO WASHINGTON - love my baby - out of this world (norton)
MESSER CHUPS - devil out of fashion - hyena safari (aerocccp)
VON ZIPPERS - broke down - 100% apeshit sampler (estrus)

*DIRTY HEARTS - alone - pigs (socyermom)
LITTLE KILLERS - messin' around - s/t (crypt)
JAMES BROWN - night train - live and lowdown at the apollo (solid smoke)
BLACKTOP - your pretty face is going to waukeegan - i've got a baad feeling about this (augogo)
GREENHORNES - three faint calls - dual mono (telstar)

*CUTE LEPERS - prove it - can't stand modern music (dirtnap)
PULSES - buster - little brothers (dirtnap)
MOJO MEN - she's my baby - nuggets box (rhino)
CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL - stop, get a ticket - nuggets box (rhino)
GENTLEMEN JESSE - butterfingers - s/t (douchemaster)

*DRESSY BESSY - in your headphones - holler and stomp (transdreamer)
MONKEES - words - pisces, aquarius, capricorn & jones, ltd (colgems)
REDD KROSS - where i am today - third eye
MONIQUE GAUBE - to sir with love - ultra chicks
YELLOW FEVER - donald - cats and rats (hugpatch)

*LOS FABULOCOS - day after day - s/t (delta groove)
FUGS - coming down - greatest hits (pvc)
REIGNING SOUND - straight shooter - time bomb high school (in the red)
AMON DUUL - experimente 1 - experimente
FU MANCHU - strato-streak - in search of (mammoth)

GUIDED BY VOICES - smothered in hugs - bee thousand
SHOCKING BLUE - never marry a railroad man - 20 greatest hits
FEELIES - what goes on - only life (a&m)
MIKE RENOLDS & THE INFANTS OF SOUL - when will i find her - open up your door 2 (frog death)
FOUR CORNERS - i say you're a scream - say you're a scream (kindercore)

*LEFT LANE CRUISER - wash it - bring yo ass to the table (alive)
DEMON'S CLAWS - shadow of a castle - live in spring branch, tx (hook or crook)
POOR BOB - the sun is rising - downtown rockin' at the striptease club 500
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - fish fight - s/t (goner)
DM BOB & THE DEFICITS - carmengeia - band's ruin

*MOONDOGGIES - ol' blackbird - don't be a stranger (hardly art)
BOGGS - how long - we are the boggs we are (arena rock)
STAIRS - sometimes the world escapes me - mexican r'n'b (london)
KASENETZ-KATZ SINGING ORCHESTRAL CIRCUS - we can work it out - s/t (buddah)
ISAAC HAYES - hypebolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic - hot buttered soul (enterprise)