Sunday, February 27, 2005

some pretty good debuts this week : blue van rocks, the raveonettes aced their last one, louis xiv answers the question what if marc bolan lived past the punk era... flipside, the kills newin' is LAME, managing one listenable track from the whole friggin' thing... robots, man!

GG ALLIN - spoken word #1 - troubled troubadour (mountain)
BLUE CHEER - summertime blues - vincebus eruptum
DETONATIONS - static vision - static vision (alive)
DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependability)

*THE MOANERS - terrier - dark snack (yep roc)
MISTREATERS - she's my witch - playa hater to the fullest (estrus)
*THE KILLS - rodeo town - no wow (rough trade)
DEADLY SNAKES - early bird - i'm not your soldier anymore (in the red)

BUFF MEDWAYS - strange kind of happiness - steady the buffs
EASYBEATS - i'll make you happy
*LOUIS XIV - illegal tender - illegal tender (pineapple)
CHROME CRANKS - hot blonde cocktail - live in exile (augogo)

*MANDO DIAO - clean town - hurricane bar (mute)
*BLUE VAN - product of dk - art of rolling (tvt)
? - track 6 - cambodian rocks
*RAVEONETTES - love in a trashcan - a touch of black (columbia)
*CHATHAM COUNTY LINE - nowhere to sleep - route 23 (yep roc)

JETSCREAMER - black hole - already gone : a compilation of texas bands (already gone)
ANJAJI - seven x eight - the world of lady a (wiija)
MAD VIOLETS - i can hear the grass grow - world of mad violets (lolita)
THE SADIES - tiger tiger - stories often told (yep roc)

RADIO BIRDMAN - non-stop girls - essential radio birdman (sub pop)
"DEMONS" - radios appear medley - demonology (gearhead)
RENDEZVOUS BAND - city slang - live at the magic stick, detroit (real o-mind)

TOMMY HOEHN - blow yourself up - come out and play (rhino)
CHRIS BELL - get away - i am the cosmos (rykodisc)
CYNICS - now i'm alone - cynicism (1+2)
SCREAMING TREES - ocean of confusion - uncle anesthesia (epic)
60 FOOT DOLLS - stay - the big 3 (dgc)
BEN KWELLER - the rules - on my way (rca)
COMPLETE STRATEGIST - willow park - 7" (blackbear/square of opposition)

Sunday, February 13, 2005

if a love song was played, it was purely by accident (except for small factory, which sounded so good after spacemen 3)

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependbility)
MINOR THREAT - cashing in - out of step (dischord)
DM BOB & THE DEFECITS - bad with wimen - bad with wimen (crypt)
*COACH WHIPS - your party will be a success - peanut butter and jelly live at the ginger winge (narnack)

THE TITANS - eyeball - wild six rock 'n' roll (get hip)
5678's - wild thing - the 5678's can't help it (rockville)
LULU - the boat i row - lulu sing to sir with love (epic)
*THE MOANERS - water - dark snack (yep roc)

*IGGY & THE STOOGES - you better run - sunday nights : the songs of junior kimbrough (fat possum)
THE GORIES - outta here - outta here (crypt)
THE GODFATHERS - tell me why - birth school work death (epic)
GLORIA JONES - tainted love - 12"

DAN MELCHIOR'S BROKE REVUE - your happy home - this love is real
BYRDS - she don't care about time - essential byrds (legacy)
LONG RYDERS - capturing the flag - state of our union (island)

*The SONNETS - the bangers - mystery girl (failed experiment)
DEEP PURPLE - space truckin' - machine head (wb)
DEL-VETTS - last time around - oh yeah : the best of dunwich records (sundazed)
MOTOCASTER - uranus - stay loaded (interscope)

THE MORTALS - what i need - bulletproof (estrus)
IT'S ALL MEAT - you don't notice the time you waste - s/t (void)
BROTHER JT - ragamuff - maybe we should take some more (birdman)
GRIS GRIS - best regards - s/t (birdman)

SPACEMEN 3 - rollercoaster - sound of confusion (taang)
SMALL FACTORY - valentine - i do not love you (spin art)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

a lot of female r'n'r to offset the most testoserone-laden day of the year... even so, congrats to the eagles for making it closer than it really should have been, but that's what happens when you go to the n.y. jets mode of time management

DOO RAG - mop down - what we do (dependabilty)
THE OUTSIDERS - i'm not trying to hurt you - pebbles 9 (bfd)
WOGGLES - carnivore - zontar sessions (estrus)
PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES - moped lads - pissed & proud
PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES - banned from the pubs - pissed & proud
PENETRATORS - shopping bag - kings of basement rock (fred)

*THE MOANERS - heart attack - dark snack (yep roc)
THE RONETTES - i wonder - back to mono (abkco)
HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS - vanilla shake - passing notes (get hip)
DETROIT COBRAS - hey sailor - life, love & leaving (sftri)
*GOSSIP - sleepers - real damage (dim mak)

*MAGNAPOP - we're faded - mouthfeel (daemon)
THE HUSBANDS - take it or leave it - introducing the sounds of... (swami)
*THE BELLRAYS - making up for lost time - red, white & black (alternative tenacles)
BLONDIE - x-offender - blonde & beyond (chrysalis)
*THE ICICLES - sugar sweet - a hundred patterns (microindie)

REZILLOS - crush - totally alive in london (sftri)
X RAY SPEX - age - germ free adolscents (virgin)
AVENGERS - friends of mine - died for your sins (lookout)
X - when our love passed out on the couch - wild gift (slash)
NIKKI & THE CORVETTES - back seat love - s/t (bomp)

LOVEDOLLS - pearls at swine - radio tokyo tapes
TAMMY & THE SOUNDS - story of a tramp - girls in the garage 5 (romulan)
L7 - sweet sex - radio tokyo tapes
DICKLESS - saddle tramp - grunge years (sub pop)

GRIEVING EUCALYPTUS - helene - just plain rock 'n' roll (foe)
FEMININE COMPLEX - hide & seek
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY - hold on - good things (damaged goods)
*DEAD MEADOW - stacy's song - feathers (matador)

*COACHWHIPS - pb&j - peanut butter & jelly (narnack)
*ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN - never say die - super kool (vms)
*THE SONNETS - radio songs - mystery girl (failed experiment)
*CHRIS STAMEY EXPERIENCE - desperate man - a question of temperature (yep roc)
CHRIS BUTLER - swamp boy - the museum of me (future fossil)